We’re not just any auto repair crew, we’re an auto repair crew that cares! More than merely car mechanics, Houska hires heart.

Get to know some of the Houska crew!

Dennis Houska

President of Houska Automotive

He began sweeping the shop floor at age nine and is now the second-generation owner and president of Houska Automotive. 

"Houska has great people to work with and great friends as customers"

Noreen Houska

Book Keeper Queen since 1984

She's been happily married to Dennis and the shop for more than 33 years now. She's a number cruncher and queen party planner for us!

"What's your favorite part about working for houska?" 


LJ Houska

Vice President of Houska Automotive

He's our third-generation vice president and general manager. In 2015, he was recognized by the Northern Colorado Business Report as a "40 under 40" best and brightest young professional. He's proud to follow in the footsteps of his dad and grandpa.

"I'd be a lifted Wrangler that's ready to have fun in the mountains and ready for anything"


Repair Operations Manager Extraordinaire since 1998

"If I could be a vehicle, I'd be an old rusted Jalopy"

Jen Houska

Part-Time Office Assistant, Part-Time Karaoke Singer Since 2011

"I love the positive interactions we have with the community and working with employees that feel like family." 


Floating Parts Manager Extraordinaire Since 1996

"If I could be a car, I'd be a 2018 GMC 2500 Diesel"


Enthusiastic Auto Technician at Repair since 2003

"Houska takes care of their employees and customers. It's a fun, working atmosphere."


Automotive Technician at Repair since 2005

“The variety of different vehicles I get to work on keeps me up to date on the variety of technology put into today’s vehicles.”


Repair Auto Technician Expert since 2006

"Houska is a family business that cares about their employees and customers"


Tread House Plant Manager since 2016 - and we don't mean greenery

"If I could be a vehicle, I'd be a Chevy"


Lube Technician, Tire & Oil Extraordinaire since 2017

"If I could be a vehicle, I'd be a...a bicycle."


Heavy Duty Service Advisor since 2009

"Being treated like I'm apart of a family and the flexibility -- that's why I like working for Houska." 


Heavy Duty-er Since 2017

"If I could be a vehicle, I'd be a DeLorean so that I could go back to the future and buy all the muscle cars I could get!"


Heavy Duty-er since 2017

"If I could be a vehicle, I'd be a 1987, 259 extended hood Peterbilt with a C model 425 cat-13 speed overdrive with a 3.55 read ends!!"


Rockstar Repair Technician since 2007

"Everyday is a new challenge. If I could be a car, I'd be a matchbox car."


Houska's Grand Book Keeper since 1998

"If I could be a vehicle, I'd be anything that's rusty but still running."


Tire & Oil Professional since 2014

“My favorite part about working for Houska is that it’s a family owned company that does so many different things. Every day is new day.”


Repair Shop Tech

“My favorite part about working at Houska is being able to work on anything & everything comes through our door.”


Tire & Oil, Tire & Lube Tech since 2017

"If I could be a vehicle, I'd a be Toyota."


Houska Driver since 2014

"I love getting to meet new customers at Houska!"


Service Writing Professional at Tire & Oil since 2017

“Houska is a fast pace environment that has great customers!”


Repair Technician since 1984

“My favorite part about working for Houska is keeping up with fast changing technology and a great working atmosphere.”


Commercial Tire Team Leader since 2016

“If I could be a vehicle, I’d be the Weenie Mobile to bring weenie’s and smiles all around.”


Tire & Oil Operations Manager since 2010

“I’d be a 1981 Delorean with a flux capacitor good for 88 mph. Great Scott Marty!!!”


Tire & Oil Extraordinaire since 2017

“All of the Houskas and employees are genuinely kind and amazing people. As an employee, I always feel like family and I’m sure customers do as well.”


Top Joke Master, Lube Technician, Detailer since 2009

“Favorite part about working for Houska? Everything! I’m proud to work for such a great company with outstanding employees!”


Advisor Professional at Houska Repair since 2017

“I have the privilege of working with the best technicians in the industry. The front counter staff is also fun and friendly.”


Book Keeper Professional since 2017

“I love working for the Houska family because they are really good people. I am lucky to do a job that I like.”


Tread House-r since 2017

“If I could be a vehicle, I’d be a Harley Davidson.”


Woof, woof (tail wagging).....growl.....woof, woof


Tire & Oil Advisor since 2016

“I like to talk to all the new people who come through here every day. That’s my favorite part about working for Houska.”


Tire & Oil Expert since 2011

“Houska services the Fort Collins community, so that’s my favorite part of the job.”


Heavy Duty-er since 2014

“At Houska, you feel like part of the family, not a number. Also I like the on-going training we have to make our diagnostics easier and accurate.”


Retreading Extraordinaire at Houska Treadhouse since 2015

“I’d be the Mystery Machine if I could be a car.”


Repair Technician since 2014

“I’d be a 1984 Chevy station wagon. Two-tone. Brown. With worn out shocks. ‘Cause I move slow with a little float in my step.”


Service Technician since 2013

“If I could be any car, I’d be an Audi R8”


Outside Sales at the Tread House since 2017

“The joking fun and pushing each other to be as good as we can be- the feeling of family. That’s my favorite thing about Houska.”