The Community

Seen the Houska family out in our community? We’re not surprised.

Our community is our home. We live here, we work here, and we’re dedicated to making sure that our neighbors are being transported in a vehicle that is safe, reliable and in good, running condition.

Our commitment to our community is what allows us to continue to do the work we do.

We’ve been celebrating our 70th Anniversary throughout 2022, and when the time came for us to take an idea we had to the next level, we reached out to our friends at Horse & Dragon Brewing Company. We wanted to do something special to thank vendors and customers that have been with us for so many years – and what’s better than delivering a can of cheer to say “Cheers” with our Blue Collar Pilsner beer? We had so much fun designing the labels, watching the canning process – then choosing a beer to relabel for our 70th celebration. To learn more about our collaboration watch our video!

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