Transmission Services in Fort Collins, CO

Trusted Transmission Services in Fort Collins, CO

From manual to automatic transmissions and complex to minor transmission repairs and everything in between, the experts at Houska Automotive are here to ensure your transmission gets the specialized attention it needs to thrive. You can trust that our knowledgeable professionals will diagnose your transmission malfunctions and restore, replace, or rebuild your transmission with the utmost quality, craftsmanship, and dependability.

Understanding Transmissions

The transmission is a vital component of your vehicle's mechanical build that acts as a bridge between the engine and the wheels. It ensures that the energy from the engine is effectively transferred to the tires, enabling you to drive smoothly and safely with more control over the vehicle. For your transmission to function seamlessly, standard transmission maintenance is essential.

Transmission Repair and Inspection

A comprehensive transmission inspection is imperative to the performance and safety of your vehicle. During Houska Automotive’s in-depth transmission inspection, our specialists will look out for common repair needs such as shifting issues, slipping, stalling, and leaking fluid. It is essential to diagnose faults promptly to rectify the damage without irrevocably compromising your transmission.

Transmission Fluid Change and Flush

With natural wear and tear comes particulate accumulation in the transmission fluid. This build-up can lead to a defective transmission filter and compromised transmission parts when left unflushed for too long. Houska Automotive offers thorough transmission fluid flushing and filter-changing solutions to preserve the integrity of your transmission, enabling you to avoid costly transmission rebuilds or repairs.

Transmission Services in Fort Collins, CO

Transmission Rebuilds and Replacements

In severe cases, your transmission may fail entirely, causing your vehicle to be unusable until you have one of our professionals replace or rebuild your transmission. Rebuilding the transmission includes removing all the parts, replacing the dysfunctional components, and reassembling. Replacement includes removing the current transmission and setting a new or remanufactured transmission in its place.

Extend the Life of Your Transmission

If you disregard necessary transmission maintenance, you risk your transmission prematurely failing at as little as 50,000 miles. Having your transmission serviced regularly maintains the capability of your vehicle and keeps the need for costly repairs to a minimum. Using the appropriate transmission fluid also makes a difference and can extend the longevity of your transmission.

Fort Collins' Most Reliable Transmission Services

For more than 70 years, our family-owned business has served Northern Colorado with transmission services that keep the members of our community driving reliable vehicles free of safety hazards. Our commitment to operating on a foundation of honesty, quality, and professionalism, ensures our customer's expectations are exceeded.

Let’s Discuss Your Transmission

At Houska Automotive, we understand the value of a quality transmission service. Our leading transmission and driveline specialists combine their expansive knowledge and skill with the most advanced technology to repair and maintain your transmission. Contact our friendly crew today to discuss your transmission needs!


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