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Timeline for Tesla Service, EV Service and Hybrid Service

As you get used to owning an EV or Hybrid, consider a few of the below-listed timelines for servicing your vehicles.

  • Twice a year: Flush corrosive materials, such as road salt, from the underbody
  • Every 15,000 miles: Replace the windshield wiper blades
  • Every 25,000 miles: Replace your tires
  • Every 36,000 miles: Replace the cabin air filter (more frequently if necessary)
  • Every 75,000 miles: Replace the hood and/or body lift support gas struts
  • Every five years: Drain and fill the vehicle coolant circuits. Replace the brake fluid.
Munich, Germany Bavaria - February 25, 2023: Tesla Motors wheel belonging to an electric vehicle (ev) car Model S3 parked in a parking space along an asphalt road with logo.

EV and Hybrid Services at Houska Automotive

  • New Tire Installation: Did you know that some EVs require special tires? Tesla recommends Tesla-approved tires, identified by an alphanumeric designation on the tire’s sidewall. These tires are designed to provide a quiet ride, optimize efficiency and deliver good handling characteristics. What sets Tesla-approved tires apart from other tires? Foam! A layer of acoustical foam inside the tires contributes to the quiet ride. EVs typically weigh more due to their heavy battery packs, which can increase tire wear. Tesla-approved tires have stiffened sidewalls that won’t lose their shape.
  • Tire Rotation and Balancing: To ensure even wear and extend tire life, it is recommended to rotate your Tesla's tires regularly. Additionally, balancing the tires helps maintain smooth and comfortable driving.
  • Wheel Alignment: Periodic wheel alignments ensure proper handling, tire wear, and overall vehicle stability. It is recommended to have the wheel alignment checked and adjusted on your EV, as needed.
  • Brake Fluid Flush: Brake fluid plays a vital role in the braking system's performance. Tesla recommends a brake fluid flush every two years to maintain optimal braking efficiency.
  • Brake Caliper Lubrication: Lubricating the brake caliper pins and sliders helps ensure smooth brake operation and prevents sticking or uneven braking. It is recommended to perform this maintenance task during tire rotation or brake service.
  • HEPA Air Filter Replacement: Tesla vehicles equipped with a HEPA air filtration system, such as the Model S and Model X, require periodic replacement of the HEPA air filter. The recommended interval for filter replacement may vary, but typically it's around every 2-3 years.
  • Air Conditioning System Check: Inspect your Tesla air conditioning system regularly to ensure proper cooling performance. This may involve checking refrigerant levels, inspecting and cleaning the air conditioning components, and addressing any issues that may affect its efficiency.
    Gearbox fluid check: With a Tesla, replace the gearbox fluid every 50,000-100,000 miles. While the fluid won't break down as quickly as in a gas-powered vehicle, it does become contaminated with iron oxide over time.
  • Regular Software Updates: Tesla vehicles receive over-the-air software updates to enhance performance, add new features, and improve safety. It's important to keep your vehicle's software up to date for optimal performance and functionality.

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