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Embracing the Future With EV and Hybrid Services

As a trusted provider in Fort Collins, CO, Houska Automotive is excited to tackle the emerging frontier of electric and hybrid vehicles. As these sustainable transport options gain traction, we're expanding our offerings to include comprehensive electric and hybrid vehicle repair and service. Unlike conventional gas vehicles, electric and hybrid automobiles operate differently and require a unique set of skills to service and repair. We're here to guide you through this new era, ensuring the peak performance and efficiency of your environmentally friendly vehicle.

Identifying the Need for EV and Hybrid Vehicle Inspection

Just like traditional automobiles, electric and hybrid vehicles also show signs when they need attention. Whether it's a decrease in fuel efficiency, unusual noises, reduced performance, or the illumination of warning lights on the dashboard, these signs should not be ignored. By recognizing these signals and seeking immediate EV service or hybrid vehicle repair, you can ensure the smooth running and longevity of your vehicle. It also mitigates the risk of costly future repairs, ultimately saving you money in the long run.

Electric & Hybrid Motor Servicing in Fort Collins, CO

Comprehensive Services for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

At Houska Automotive, we offer a comprehensive range of services designed specifically for electric and hybrid vehicles. Our team of trained experts is equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to assist with various maintenance tasks. This includes:

  • Optimized Tire Installation - Electric vehicles demand specialized tires due to their additional weight and torque. At Houska Automotive, our electric vehicle repair services include helping you select and install the perfect replacement tires for your EV.
  • EV Tire Rotation and Balance - Rotate your EV tires regularly. This guarantees even wear and extended tire life. Furthermore, tire balancing contributes to a smooth, comfortable drive.
  • Precision Wheel Alignment - Periodic wheel alignments are crucial for maintaining proper handling, reducing tire wear, and preserving your vehicle's stability. Our EV service includes regular alignment checks and adjustments.
  • Brake Fluid Maintenance - Brake fluid is essential for optimum brake performance. We recommend a brake fluid flush every two years as part of our standard EV and hybrid vehicle service.
  • Brake Caliper Care - Lubrication of brake caliper pins and sliders ensures smooth brake operation and prevents uneven braking. This task is typically performed during a tire rotation or brake service.
  • HEPA Air Filter Service - For Tesla vehicles like the Model S and Model X, we provide periodic HEPA air filter replacements as part of our electric vehicle repair services. The frequency of replacement varies, typically every two to three years.
  • Comprehensive Air Conditioning System Checks - Regular inspections of Tesla's air conditioning system ensure optimum cooling performance. This may include refrigerant level checks, air conditioning component inspections, and efficiency assessments.
  • Software Updates - Tesla vehicles receive over-the-air software updates to boost performance, add new features, and enhance safety. As part of our EV service, we assist in updating your vehicle's software for peak performance.
  • Hybrid Transmission Care - Hybrid vehicles should have their transmission fluid replaced every 50,000 miles. Even though this fluid doesn't degrade as rapidly as in a gas-powered vehicle, it does get contaminated with iron oxide over time.

Prolong Your Hybrid’s Performance With Regular Maintenance

Regardless of the type of vehicle, regular maintenance is key to its longevity. In hybrid vehicles, this involves maintaining the components of the gas engine while also understanding the dynamics of the electric vehicle. Hybrid vehicles are known for their extended brake pad life, fewer oil changes, and limited ongoing system maintenance. Houska Automotive is a premier provider of the routine checks and minor repairs that play a crucial role in maintaining the overall health of your hybrid vehicle and ensuring it runs efficiently for years.

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If you're ready to experience the best EV repair and hybrid vehicle service in Fort Collins, CO, Houska Automotive is here for you. We're committed to meeting your specific needs and ensuring that your environmentally friendly vehicles run smoothly and efficiently. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or learn more about how we can help keep your electric or hybrid vehicle in prime condition.

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