Car repairs can be costly and sometimes unexpected. Each of our Houska Automotive locations accept all major credit cards, cash and even offers six months of no-interest financing with the Goodyear Credit Card!

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Low-Interest Auto Repair Loans in Fort Collins

Car repairs can be costly and unexpected. We understand that not everyone has the money on hand to repair their car, which is why our tire repair shop in Fort Collins offers auto repair financing to assist you. When you need to get back on the road right away, Houska Automotive is here for you with affordable financing.

How to Use an Auto Repair Loan

If auto repair financing sounds intimidating or confusing, think of it this way: say your vehicle needs $2,000 in repairs. By applying for our low interest financing, you can receive all or some of the repair cost to help get your vehicle back on the road.

Like any other personal loan, you will pay back the balance over time with a fixed interest rate and predictable monthly payments. Auto repair financing is a great option for those who have costly car repair bills but may not have all the money on hand.


Types of Financing for Auto Repairs

There are several financing options for those who need auto repairs.

  • Finance with credit cards: Houska Automotive offers six months of no-interest financing with the Goodyear credit card. This can be a great option to cover auto repair bills, as it helps you avoid the interest of personal loans and earns you rewards points in the process. Apply now.
  • Auto financing loans: Personal loans to cover auto repairs are also common. They can help you cover some or all of the cost of an auto repair, which can be a relief if you have a high repair bill.

What Does Auto Repair Financing Cover?

Whether you need new tires or are in need of major auto repairs, financing can cover many issues.

  • Tires: Getting new tires, repairing a flat, or simply balancing your vehicle is important to keep it driving correctly. Auto repair loans can help you make sure your tires are ready to carry you. Houska Automotive specializes in a number of tire services for Fort Collins customers.
  • Damage repair after an accident: You can’t control when you get in an accident, but repairs are often the best route if you can’t afford a new car. The good news is that you can get an auto loan to fix the damage done to your vehicle after an accident.
  • New brakes or transmission repairs: Transmission and brake problems can’t be ignored. They can also be some of the most expensive issues to fix, which is why affordable auto repair financing helps car owners get the repairs they need.

Choose Houska Automotive for Auto Repair Financing

Our tire repair shop in Fort Collins has served customers for more than 60 years. During that time we have built a reputation for ourselves, helping people like you care for their tires. We also specialize in helping our customers achieve affordable auto repair financing so they can get back on the road when they need to the most.

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Auto repair loans can be a great way to get the capital you need to get out of a bind. Sometimes you don’t have enough to pay for a new vehicle, or just can’t wait until payday to get the money you need to repair your car. Whatever your situation may be, the team at Houska Automotive has you covered.

Contact Houska Automotive to see what your auto repair financing options are. Our team is always ready to serve you. Call us directly at Houska Automotive. If you need tire service, schedule an appointment on our website.

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