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Fuel is one of the most expensive aspects of running a fleet. That's why Houska Automotive provides excellent savings opportunities as well as additional benefits for fleet management services. Learn about why you should apply for fleet credit through our services. Fill out the application below. As with anything we provide, if you have any questions about the process, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.

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What Is a Fleet Card?

Fleet cards are a form of payment card that businesses use to keep track of costs related to the vehicles they own and run. Fleet cards, sometimes known as fuel cards, are issued by major oil and/or specialist credit businesses and function similarly to charge cards. Businesses issue fleet cards to their employees, particularly transportation staff, for gasoline, vehicle repairs, and upkeep. They make it easy to keep your fleet drivers on the road without worrying about business expenditures. It also keeps everything neatly organized, allowing you to keep track of all your purchases and expenses.

How Drivers Use Fleet Credit

Fleet credit cards are given to company drivers and other personnel to use instead of personal cards. This permits the card issuer to charge the firm directly instead of the employee, who would have to file expense reports to be paid at a later date. Card issuers normally provide corporations with a single bill that is itemized with individual charges by each authorized user. Just like charge cards, fleet cards are interest-free because businesses must pay the outstanding amount in full by the due date.

Benefits of Fleet Credit

Applying for fleet credit lowers the administrative costs of running a reimbursement program that reimburses employees for money spent on gas and fleet vehicle maintenance. It also aids businesses in reviewing and managing itemized equipment expenditures.

Fleet cards give some monitoring capabilities, allowing you to better manage your spending and spot cost-related patterns. Accounting analysis may also be used by business accountants to change payment card limitations and use. Because each fleet card is tied to a specific employee, you can track how much each driver spends on their route and make budget predictions. If you or your firm notices that a certain driver fills up their vehicle more frequently than the norm, the allotted card's capacity may be reduced.

Fleet Service by Houska Automotive

We realize how much you rely on your company's fleet of cars and how critical it is to keep them on the road. Our professionals can reduce your downtime and costs by focusing on regular fleet maintenance and comprehensive, attentive inspections. Houska's established track record in fleet repair and servicing can get your fleet back on the road swiftly. Depending on your requirements, we provide a range of packages, maintenance plans, and other services. On repairs and maintenance packages, we also offer annual and mileage guarantees. Contact us today for any questions.

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