Advanced Driver Assistance System

The new vehicles coming off the lots are getting smarter. Most of them can alert us when we’re straying into another lane, give us a warning if we’re about to hit something, help us see the roads better at night and even assist us with parallel parking! It used to be that only luxury vehicles had these high-tech features, but now many of these features are becoming pretty standard among all vehicles. Called Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) these electronic systems are pretty savvy, but are ultimately there to enhance our personal safety while on the road.

Safety is a top priority at Houska Automotive. That’s why we make every effort to keep up with new technology and maintenance methods to ensure that our customers are always leaving our shop with a reliable and safe vehicle.

Now, Houska Automotive has invested in the equipment and training to diagnose, repair and reset Advanced Driver Assist Systems and we are the only ones in the area to do so!

Why is this so important for your Vehicle?

ADAS has certainly helped make driving safer and easier. Drivers who have it greatly depend on it, so all precautions should be made to make sure it’s always working. A network of sensors, cameras and radars help the ADAS run properly and must be accurately calibrated to work correctly. Calibration basically means that the cameras and sensors are precisely aligned to the manufacture’s standards in order for the system to work properly and effectively. If the system is even slightly compromised, there could be dangerous consequences.

 The precision and advanced technology of the ADAS makes repairs complex and specialized. It’s important to have only qualified technicians who are trained to make ADAS repairs work on your vehicle, using only the tools, software and measuring devices made to perform the proper calibrations on such systems. Houska Automotive has the tools, training and experts to get ADAS repairs done correctly and efficiently.

When do you need to have the ADAS calibrated?

An ADAS calibration is needed whenever any of the sensors around your vehicle are disturbed in any way. The first and most obvious way this could happen is after an accident–even a small fender bender. If a damaged area is being repaired or worked on that is near the cameras or sensors, the ADAS could be thrown off and needs to be reset. Even if a bumper is removed to get to an area that needs to be repaired, the bumper may have a sensor on it and should be calibrated after it’s re-installed. You will also need to get the ADAS calibrated after a window replacement. You might think your windshield is just a large piece of glass, but your windshield is actually pretty high-tech, housing built-in sensors, heaters and noise-reduction layers, making it necessary to calibrate the system after a replacement. A calibration is also required after a tire alignment because a change in the vehicle’s height could affect the position of the ADAS system. In order not to put any drivers on the road at risk, the sensors around the tires should be reset and calibrated at the correct angles.

Schedule an ADAS Calibration Appointment

Houska’s team of technicians is trained to accurately perform an ADAS calibration. Right now our team is able to work on the ADAS system of any make or model, with the exception of Tesla. And you can count on our service being quicker and less expensive than it would be going to a dealership.

Even if you haven’t been in an accident and are just suspicious that something isn’t working right, bring it in to have us check it out. You can rely on Houska Automotive to provide reliable ADAS repair and maintenance services. Remember, technology is only helpful when it’s working right!

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