In need of a new auto repair shop in Fort Collins? Look no further than Houska Automotive. We’re locally owned and have been fixing cars just like yours since 1952. Our mechanics are professional, friendly, and deliver excellent service every time.


Timing Belts

If your timing belt isn’t functioning as it’s supposed to, you may hear strange noises coming from your engine and it may be difficult to get your car started. A timing belt that has snapped can cause a lot of damage under the hood of your vehicle. Let our mechanics at Houska Automotive replace and repair your timing belt to save you money on potentially costly repairs in the future.


The auto mechanics that we hire at Houska know more than just cars. As a family-owned and operated business for three generations, our employees are joining a family when they are hired. We hire people that are caring, patient, and go the extra mile. This translates into excellent service for our customers.

Brake Repairs

Good brake maintenance can keep your brakes lasting longer and your car safer. The brakes on your vehicle should be checked about every 3rd oil change or every 10,000 miles. We will check that the brake fluid cylinder is full, which in turn will keep the rest of your vehicle functioning properly. By being located underneath the car, your brakes can be damaged more easily by kickback from the road – stones, salt, ice, etc. It’s important to check your brakes occasionally for damage such as holes or rust. Houska auto mechanics can check on natural wear and tear and perform brake maintenance so you can relax knowing your brakes are in good shape.

Factory Maintenance

The manufacturer of your vehicle puts a schedule in place for when certain parts or fluids need to be replaced or checked. After you’ve purchased a car, come to Houska Automotive in Fort Collins for your factory maintenance checks. Our mechanics are familiar with all types of auto repairs and updates that need to be performed for any make or model of vehicle. Sticking to the factory maintenance schedule will ensure your car stays running smoothly for a long time.


We’re so confident in the work we do for you that we offer a unique guarantee. The work that we perform on your vehicle should last for at least 36 months or 36,000 miles for passenger vehicles! (Exclusions do apply).  For Heavy Duty, we offer a 12 month or 12,000 mile guarantee. If you have any questions, we encourage you to contact your service manager.


Auto repairs can sometimes be unexpected and cost more than you have room in the budget for. We understand, and it is for this reason that each of our Houska Automotive locations accept all major credit cards and cash. We also offer six months of interest free financing when you are approved for the Goodyear credit card! You can apply online or in person at the shop. We’re here to help!








Auto Repair

Our mechanics are professional, friendly, and deliver excellent service every time. 


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