Tips to drive safe at night

6 Tips to Stay Safe Driving at Night

When the sun goes down, it’s a whole different ballgame on the road. Night driving poses its own set of challenges compared to driving in daylight, so it’s best to be extra cautious. At Houska, our top priority is making sure you get from point A to point B safely, especially at night, so we’re sharing just a few tips to make that happen.


  1. Be extra conscious of pedestrians.

One of the great things about Fort Collins is that we are a very pedestrian-friendly city. However, this means that drivers need to be hyperaware of pedestrians, specifically at night when it’s harder to see them. Go slower than usual around curves, and stop for an extra second at stop signs to check all around for any walkers.


  1. Cut down on glare.

When headlights hit a dirty windshield, visibility drops significantly. Be sure to keep all windshields and windows squeaky clean so you can clearly see everything coming at you. And remember, never stare directly at opposing headlights!


  1. Avoid distractions.

This one is true no matter what time you’re driving, but it’s always important to take extra care to minimize nighttime distractions. That means no cellphone-using, sandwich-eating, makeup-applying, cookie-baking…whatever might be threatening to take your attention away from the road.


  1. Check headlights.

If your view is dim, how can you stay safe at night? Headlights wear down over time and get covered with layers of dirt, so be sure to examine them periodically (and clean ’em up!) to keep them bright and shining.


  1. Be alert.

This goes without saying, but alertness is key while driving at night. The darkness, not to mention possible exhaustion, can make it difficult to stay awake at night. Drive with the windows down, pound an espresso, or just pull over and take a nap if you start to get drowsy.


  1. Watch out for the crazies.

For fear of sounding like your grandmother, our last piece of advice is… Watch out for the crazies!! You never know who you may encounter on the road at night, so jump into defensive driving mode and anticipate other drivers’ next moves.


Thinking your vehicle may be in need of a tune up to function properly while night driving? Stop in at Houska and our mechanics will check it out!

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