get your RV summer ready

Checklist to Get Your RV Summer Ready

If you’re an RV owner, no doubt you are anxious to hit the road for a long trip in the great outdoors or get to your camping destination. But, your RV has more than likely been in hibernation over the winter months, so you’ll need to give it a thorough run-through before taking it anywhere. Here’s a checklist to help make sure it’s ready for the road.

The Interior: Thoroughly clean all counters and cabinets. Look for any spiders or other insects that may have made your RV home over the winter. Open any windows and sunroof to air out the RV.

The Exterior: Look for any cracks or other damage around the unit. Inspect the roof for any cracked or separated seams. Use an RV compatible sealant to repair seams.

Gas Appliances: Turn on the propane tank and check to make sure the gas stove works. (If your propane tank needs to be filled–this is the time to do it!) You should test the water heater and furnace as well.

Safety Items: Replace batteries in smoke detectors and carbon dioxide detectors. Confirm extinguishers are still full by making sure the needle on the gauge is still in the green zone.

Tires: Tires lose pressure while sitting in storage. Refer to the owner’s manual to fill tires to the recommended PSI. While you’re at it, check tires for any cracks or tread wear.

Battery: If there are any cracks you will need to replace the battery. If there aren’t any cracks, disconnect and clean the battery connections with a corrosion resistant cleaner. Also check the battery’s fluid levels, and then fully charge the battery before reconnecting it.

Water System: Rinse out and replace the water in your tank with clean water. Flush water through the lines to not only clean them, but to flush out any anti-freeze you may have used when you put the RV away. This is also a good time to check for any leaks and make sure all the plumbing is still working.

Electrical Appliances: Hook up any electrical appliances, such as a microwave, to make sure they’re working. Take time to also hook up the unit and make sure the lights are working, too.

Engine: Check all the fluid levels. They include: transmission, power steering, engine coolant, engine oil, windshield washer, brake fluid and generator oil.

There is a lot to consider as an RV owner. This checklist will get you started to enjoying the summer!


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