collector car day

Collector Car Appreciation Day is July 12

The importance of automotive restoration

Every car has a story to tell. It’s in the history of its design, craftsmanship or brand legacy. Collector Car Appreciation Day is July 12 and is a great reminder of the importance of preserving automotive heritage. It’s also a time to celebrate the passion many car enthusiasts have for automotive restoration. 

Automotive restoration isn’t just about fixing old cars; it’s a labor of love dedicated to protecting the rich heritage of classic automobiles. It’s holding on to a piece of history, a reflection of a bygone era when chrome was king, and fins were fabulous. 

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Epic Skills:

Restoring classic cars is a passion project that takes a lot of time, skill, and patience. From recreating original paint colors to sourcing authentic parts, every detail contributes to maintaining the integrity and charm of these automotive treasures. Best of all though, the restoration process offers a hands-on learning experience, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for older craftsmanship.

Historical Icons

Collector cars are a snapshot of the social culture and design trends of their time. Automotive restoration plays a crucial role in safeguarding this cultural heritage, giving future generations the opportunity to experience and appreciate the beauty and innovation of classic automobiles. If you’re lucky to have a classic vehicle, make sure you’re not hiding it in the garage. They need to be seen and admired on the road!

Car Enthusiasts United

Collector Car Appreciation Day and the summer in general brings together enthusiasts from all over, united by their love for vintage automobiles. Car shows are a great place to connect, collaborate, and exchange ideas. There are plenty of opportunities in our area to catch a car show

Whether it’s attending car shows, joining restoration clubs, or participating in restoration workshops, find some way to be inspired or enjoy classic automotive design in recognition of Collector Car Appreciation Day. It’s a great way to spend time, and a tradition that can be passed on to next generations.

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