Don’t be Haunted by Vehicle Troubles This Month!

It’s important that you and your family are comfortable and safe as the seasons change. Prioritizing proper vehicle maintenance is the best way to ensure that you aren’t haunted by vehicle troubles this fall!

Here at Houska Automotive not only do we care about your vehicle’s needs, but yours as well. It is only a matter of time until the temperatures will start to drop and the snow starts to fall. In order to make sure you don’t get caught by surprise and left in the cold, we have prepared an autumn checklist for you.

How does your vehicle’s heater work?

The heater, believe it or not, doesn’t only keep you and your passengers warm, but it also keeps your engine cool. So it is actually more important than you think, as it works with other parts of your vehicle such as the coolant, radiator, and water pump from your vehicle’s cooling system. 

The heat generated by your engine needs to be released so it doesn’t get too hot. The majority of that heat goes through your exhaust and out of the vehicle, but some of it stays and is directed through the coolant inside your HVAC system. Then it is processed through the vents in your vehicle to help keep your cabin warm. 

Why is it important to check on your windshield wipers

On average, your windshield wipers should be replaced about every six to twelve months. Windshield wipers can be the difference between a normal drive home and an accident (in the most extreme cases). 

A few symptoms that come with inefficient windshield wiper blades include; squeaking and chattering noises, streaks, and wet spots left over. Squeaking and chattering noises could be signs that a part of the blade has been damaged. Streaks that are left over indicate that part of the blade has been eroded. Wet spots specify that a part of the blade has been torn off completely, not picking up any moisture anymore, you basically do not have a wiper anymore in that area. Colder climates may require replacement sooner.

Why do I need my headlights checked if they already work all right?

Over time, headlights decline in quality. This can reduce the amount of the road you see and how well other drivers can see you at night. To help prevent this from happening, most headlights are made of a material that is heavily immune against weather and road conditions. Unfortunately, the same material is prone to deteriorating from constant UV exposure, and when that happens, your headlights become more sensitive to possible damages.

It is recommended that you get your headlights restored about once every 9-12 months. With how often that service is provided, it makes it hard for the headlights to become prone to weather and road debris. 

If you need help with heating, headlights, or windshield wipers give the Houska Automotive team a call at 970-821-8654 today to set up an appointment.


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