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Free Women’s Car Care Clinic!

It’s time for our semiannual Women’s Car Care Clinic again! This Saturday, April 7, we invite the women of northern Colorado to join us from 10 a.m. – noon for our free car care clinic. We believe that it’s important to know your car and have the skills and education to feel comfortable taking care of it. Twice a year, we educate women on auto repairs and maintenance in a safe and welcoming setting. Everyone is given the opportunity to ask questions about their vehicles and become more familiar with different procedures.

Our friendly and experienced mechanics provide expert knowledge on various topics, including:

  1. What the different dashboard lights mean
  2. Vehicle maintenance indicators (mileage intervals, tune-ups, fluids breakdown)
  3. Important safety items on vehicles
  4. Different types of motors
  5. Winter driving
  6. Emission laws
  7. Automotive certifications (know what training your technician has and what it means)
  8. Find out what your shop is doing to be “green

Please join us for this fun filled clinic! There will also be light snacks provided and a few giveaways. Sign up early by calling 970-482-0156. The clinic will be at our Houska Automotive location at 899 Riverside Avenue in Fort Collins.

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