Chuck Houska, Founder of Houska Automotive in Fort Collins, CO

Houska Automotive Still Having Fun: Celebrates 70 Years in Business

Seven decades. That’s a long time. You know the adage “Time flies when you’re having fun?” This truly does apply to us at Houska Automotive; we are still having fun, while providing the best in auto service, and plan to celebrate our 70th anniversary all year long!

Turning 70 is a milestone. We’re elated to still provide quality auto service to our community, just like Chuck Houska did when he opened our doors in 1952, back when only three out of every five families owned a single car.  (And just one and three homes had a television!)

Chuck served our country during WWII as an airplane mechanic, and when he returned home, he opened Houska Repair. Today, Houska Automotive is a 3rd generation, family-owned company led by Chuck’s son Dennis and grandson LJ, who has taken over as vice president.  LJ and his wife Jen have a daughter, Annie, who might become the 4th generation to work at Houska Auto – although it could take a few more years since she’s only 9 years old.

During this 2022, we’re going to reminisce about the past 70 years.  We’ll re-visit some of the key things which contributed to Houska Automotive what it is today, and we truly hope you’ll enjoy our walk down memory lane because many of you are part of those memories. We’re also going to share stories about our incredible employees, vendors, nonprofit partners, and customers, and who doesn’t enjoy trivia because we’ll also be sharing a lot of fun facts!

We warmly invite you to follow our journey on Facebook, so please follow or like our page (@HouskaAutomotive) as even more memories will be shared there.  Join us as we have even more fun all year long!

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