Car Sanitation Guide by Houska Automotive in Fort Collins, CO

How to Sanitize and Fight Off Germs in Your Car

How to keep your car sanitary

Since the Coronavirus outbreak, we’ve all been re-evaluating and increasing measures to avoid and prevent germs. Most of us have been heavily focused on our homes and airplane travel–but what about our vehicles? Especially if you carpool, make sure you’re fully armed to combat those nasty, unwanted germs.  At Houska Automotive, we have few tips to help keep you and your family healthy.

Stock up:

Supply your vehicle with tissues, hand sanitizer and hand wipes. This gives riders options, plus wipes are always good to have to clean your own hands after errands like exchanging money at the bank or pumping gas at the station. Also keep a trash bag visible to contain the dirty and used tissues and wipes.

Disinfect all hard surfaces:

Germs have a tendency to linger in places like cup holders. Make sure to regularly wipe down hard surface areas, especially those that are frequently used like the steering wheel, power window and stereo buttons, temperature controls and seat belts.

Air out the vehicle:

Now that we’re getting some warmer weather, roll down the windows as often as you can. Air can become stagnant and unhealthy if you always leave the windows up, trapping in germs and not allowing fresh air to enter and circulate.

Replace air filters:

Those with asthma may be particularly sensitive to the air in a closed vehicle. When the windows are closed, a car’s heating and air conditioning is just simply moving the air around—even the germs. Replace air filters regularly and have the air conditioning cleaned to remove dust and other pollutants that can exacerbate symptoms.


Especially if you have young kids, there are probably loads of food crumbs in your car’s seats and floors that are susceptible to bacteria. Upholstered seats in particular are breeding grounds for bacteria. Keep a hand vacuum in the car to regularly clean up crumbs.

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