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New Year, New Car Care

Ah, the New Year is upon us, bringing with it a fresh start that includes organizing and decluttering – and that includes your vehicle! You may have some guilt that you haven’t taken care of your vehicle over the winter the way you usually do during the warmer months, but now’s your chance to give it a shiny new beginning with some TLC. Here at Houska Automotive we have a  few ideas for you to consider for some new year car care.

Give your vehicle a well-deserved spa day

Your vehicle’s been through a lot during these last couple of months, and there is still a lot of winter to be driven. Take a day to treat your vehicle to a good soapy wash to get rid of all the built-up grime. Your vehicle will look so happy, with a little extra sparkle as it takes to the road.

Pump up the tires

Just like we hit the gym to work on our bodies, your vehicle needs a tire-pumping session. Check the pressure levels and make sure the tires are firm. Properly inflated tires not only improve fuel efficiency but also ensure a smoother ride – your vehicle’s way of saying, “Thanks for the lift!”

Clean out the junk in the trunk

It’s time to bid farewell to those mystery items that have been living rent-free in your vehicle. An organized trunk not only makes your vehicle look more presentable but also gives you room for those impulse purchases you’ll be making during post-holiday clearance sales! Plus, a decluttered trunk helps declutter the mind too!

Check your vehicle’s fluids

Checking your vehicle’s fluids is the equivalent of giving your ride a health check. It’s like checking your vehicle’s vitals – with a dipstick instead of a stethoscope. You’ll want to check your vehicle’s oil, transmission, and brake fluid, to make sure that they’re all at healthy levels. While you’re at it, make sure there aren’t any leaks on your driveway or garage floor.

Upgrade your car’s look

New year, new wardrobe, right? Treat your vehicle to some snazzy accessories like seat covers, floor mats, or even a fun air freshener. You never know when your vehicle might want to turn heads at a stoplight or impress the neighbors driving by.

A well-maintained vehicle is a happy vehicle, and that leads to a happy owner! Cheers to a year of smooth rides, clean interiors, and the occasional karaoke session with your favorite tunes. If you need any other tips for new year car care to keep your vehicle clean and organized over the winter, please give us a call at 970-821-8654.

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