It’s Pothole Season!

It’s Pothole Season!

Know How to Navigate Your Way Around Them

Whether it’s rain or snow, heavy wet conditions take a hard toll on our roads. The Colorado spring season brings a mixed bag of precipitation so it’s pretty certain you’ll encounter a few potholes on the road. Sometimes there are so many it can feel like you’re maneuvering through a minefield! It’s important to know how to get around these car-damaging craters, otherwise you’ll be navigating your way to the repair shop. Keep these tips in mind while driving around this season.

Take Your Time: If you can’t safely drive around a pothole, slow down before going over it. The faster you drive into a pothole, the worse the damage will be. Plus, keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you. The driver in front of you might not see a pothole, but you’ll have the chance to avoid it if you can spot it in time.

Stay in Control: Make sure to hold the steering wheel steady when driving over a pothole. Hitting a pothole may cause your car to suddenly veer in a different direction.

Keep Tires Full: Full tires will give you the best cushion against potholes. Refer to the owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommendation on inflation level.

Avoid Puddles: What looks like a rain puddle could very well be a deep pothole. Be vigilant and approach the puddle as if it is a pothole.

Get Checked: If your car seems to be pulling in one direction, you see a dent in the wheel rim, or hear odd noises coming from the exhaust system, it’s a good idea to come on in to get it checked out.  Our team of trained, professional technicians will help get your vehicle back into smooth working condition!



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