Snow Blizzard Navigation Guide by Houska Automotive in Fort Collins, CO


We’ve already gotten a taste of snow so far this winter, and Colorado’s snowiest months are just around the corner. To make sure you stay safe out there, follow these guidelines:

Check lights, fluids and systems beforehand.

You never know when a blizzard might hit or how severe it will be, so be sure to prepare your vehicle ahead of time. Check that all lights work (they’re your best tool for blizzard driving); all fluids are full; and the ignition system, exhaust system, etc. are functioning properly. Pay attention to dashboard lights as well to fix any problem as soon as possible.

Check tire pressure.

The frigid weather causes a pressure drop in tires that can be hazardous. Before embarking on a winter journey, check that the tire pressure is at its recommended amount. If you will be traveling to a place that is in for some heavy snowfall, it may even be worth investing in snow tires to better handle the elements.

Drive on the upper half of the tank.

When the weather gets dicey, don’t let the fuel needle drop below the half tank mark. You never know if you’ll break down and need to run the heat longer than planned. Besides, the last thing anyone wants to do is push their vehicle to a gas station in a blizzard.

Don’t accelerate or brake suddenly.

It doesn’t matter if you’re driving a 4WD monster truck or a sedan from the ’80s – accelerating or braking too quickly can pose a danger for you and those around you. Remember that under every layer of snow is a thicker and more dangerous layer of ice that can send you into a skid. Always drive slower than what seems necessary and apply gradual pressure to the pedals.

Prepare for a breakdown.

In case you do happen to get stuck or stranded, have an emergency kit in your trunk complete with a first-aid kit, heavy coats and gloves, blankets, a flashlight, an ice scraper, sand, food and water, and a brightly colored cloth to use as a flag.

And of course, if you don’t really need to be somewhere when it starts to snow, then stay home.

Not sure if your vehicle is ready for the winter? Stop by Houska and we’ll make sure you’re good to go!

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