Snow Tires – Are They Worth It?

We consider ourselves privileged to live in a place like Colorado, especially in the winter – there’s simply something magical about hitting the slopes on a snowy Saturday, wandering around Old Town Fort Collins to see the lights, or even just sitting at home drinking hot chocolate near the fireplace. It’s safe to say that the Houska Automotive team loves winter – however, as amazing as this season can be, we also recognize that winter can create dangerous conditions when snow starts to fall on our roads.

Here at Houska Automotive, we prioritize the safety of our customers. As Colorado’s snowy season is just around the corner, we recommend that our customers invest in winter tires for their vehicles. If you aren’t sure what snow tires do – or why you need them – read on to learn more!

The Technology behind Snow Tires

Due to advancement in tire technology, modern-day snow tires perform much better than the traditional tires you (or your parents!) may remember. Snow tires have deep treads that serve to grip any terrain – this means that these tires work well in snow, slush, mud, and ice, as well as on dry pavement. 

Most tire manufacturers now use a special kind of rubber containing hollow cells, which serve to suction water off of the road while you drive and release that water as the tires spin. Modern tread designs are also more intricate than they used to be, which allows for your vehicle to accelerate efficiently and slow down safely. Saw-tooth tread patterns give tires a better grip in snowy and icy conditions than the typical straight treads that are found on normal tires. 

How do Snow Tires Handle Ice?

The same tread design that helps to cut up the snow and slush is also found on the edge of snow tires, which helps your vehicle to maintain traction even in icy conditions. Snow tires are also often made with a rubber compound containing silica, which allows for the tires to have an even stronger grip on the ice. 

Although snow tires help to reduce the chance of sliding on ice, it is important to drive carefully in winter conditions.

Colorado’s Passenger Vehicle Traction & Chain Laws

Are you aware of Colorado’s traction laws? Each year, the state of Colorado’s traction law is in place from September 1 to May on a 120+ mile stretch of I-70. This law requires all vehicles, not just trucks, to be equipped with proper tires or chains. The Colorado State Patrol enforces this law and breaking it can result in a significant fine (or an accident which could have been avoided!). 

If you plan to head to the mountains to ski this year, it’s important that you know the finer details of this law – not only will it help you avoid a fine, but it will ensure the safety of everyone on the road.

To learn more about this law, visit the Colorado Department of Transportation website by clicking here.

Michelin Snow Tires

Here at Houska Automotive, we carry a wide range of snow tires to fit any vehicle and any need. We are always quick to recommend Michelin tires to our customers – our friends at Michelin have been recognized as the most awarded tire manufacturer for nearly three decades now, and have achieved high ratings in customer satisfaction, performance, durability, technology and innovation. 

If you’re on the hunt for snow tires for your vehicle and don’t know what steps you need to take, give the Houska Automotive team a call at 970-821-8654. We are more than happy to give advice, point you in the right direction, and get a new set of snow tires on your car – so you can get out and enjoy all that Colorado has to offer this season!

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