Tips for the Grad Looking to Buy a Car

May and June might land in the middle of the calendar year, but for graduates it represents a whole new beginning. For many high school graduates, it might be the last summer at home before heading off to college. For college graduates it is the start of adulthood. That could mean moving into a new apartment or starting a new job. Whatever the new venture, a new car might be part of the game plan to help get there! Here are a few tips to help grads find their best ride.

Know How Much You Can Afford to Spend: Take into consideration all living expenses and student loans. And remember, you won’t just need money for a down payment, but also for insurance and tags.

Think About What You Need, Not Necessarily What You Want: A high-tech sports car might be in your future, but maybe not in your immediate future. If you are heading to college and will be taking long rides back and forth to your parents’ house, consider a car with good mileage. If you’re starting a new job that requires you to be loading equipment in and out of your car, consider a vehicle with a hatchback. A vehicle should complement your lifestyle.

Consider Buying Used: It’s tempting to run to the dealership to test the latest and greatest models. That’s wonderful and easy if you have the money. If you are on a tighter budget, you can still get a quality vehicle that is used. It may even allow you to afford some of the features you want that might not be attainable purchasing new. If you’re uneasy about the condition or safety of the vehicle, you can bring it in to have one of our technicians take a look at it.

Do Your Homework: Especially if you’re buying used, look up a vehicle’s value on Kelley Blue Book and Knowing the vehicle’s value will let you know if you’re being presented with a fair deal, and also give you some negotiating power.

Take Care of Your Vehicle: As you settle into your new life and new car, make sure to schedule regular car maintenance visits into your schedule. We can help you pre-arrange scheduled visits for oil changes and other maintenance. Preventive maintenance will help you get the most out of your car.

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