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Warning Signs That Your A/C Needs to be Fixed

Now that places like restaurants and campgrounds have started to open, you’re probably (happily!) jumping into your vehicle a lot more these days. And with the hot weather we’ve been getting, that also means you’re probably turning on the vehicle’s air conditioner quite a bit. Look for these warning signs that your vehicle’s A/C might need fixing to make sure you don’t find yourself sweating on your way to a dinner out!

Odd Noises: If you hear banging or rattling when you turn on the A/C it could be that debris is clogging up the unit, or a part in your air conditioning system is worn out. We strongly advise bringing your vehicle in when you start to hear any odd noise.

Foul Smell: A bad smell coming out of the vents could be an indication of mold growing in the air conditioning unit. Make sure to get this fixed right away since mold growth can potentially cause respiratory problems or other health concerns.

Cold to Hot Air: There are many reasons why your air conditioning system starts out cold and shortly after starts blowing hot air. There could be a blockage preventing the refrigerant from flowing into the evaporator. There could be damage preventing the compressor from holding the correct pressure. The severity of damage will depend on what the cause is.

Leaky Dashboard: Air conditioning systems are designed to drain water through the bottom of the vehicle. If you see water on your vehicle’s floor mats it might mean the dashboard is leaking. The draining system might be blocked. Further damage could happen so you should get this checked out as soon as possible.

If you’re seeing any of the above, take it as a red flag and bring your vehicle in to be reviewed by one of our expert technicians. Once you’re out in your vehicle, we want to make sure it’s an enjoyable and comfortable experience!

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