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10 Tailgating Tips for the Next Big Game

Football season is here! For many of us, that means getting to games early for a pre-event celebration with friends and family. Before the next big game, make sure you’re well prepared. Besides a grill and cooler, here are some items to add to your trunk and a few hacks we think are pretty awesome that will reduce the mess and stress of tailgating.

Tailgating Tips

  1. Use frozen water bottles as ice packs in your cooler. Once they’ve melted you’ll have refreshing cold water to drink.
  2. Use an empty cardboard, six-pack container to hold bottled condiments. The built-in handle makes it easy to carry and share with others.
  3. If you’re meeting lots of people, string a long helium balloon from your vehicle so people can easily find you.
  4. Bring stuff to do. Set up cornhole or bring a football to toss around while waiting for food to be done.
  5. Use plastic drawers instead of large bins to pack supplies. It’s less unpacking and re-packing for you, plus it’ll be easier to grab things when you need them.
  6. Use a closet organizer that has a built-in hanger to store bandages, bug spray, wipes and other small items. Hang the organizer from your canopy.
  7. Line a pop-up hamper with a garbage bag for a stable trash can. Be eco-friendly and set up a second one for recyclables. The pop-up hamper won’t take up too much room in your car and you can throw the garbage bag away when you’re done.
  8. Use an old or cheap fitted sheet around a folding table. Regular tablecloths tend to blow up with the slightest breeze, knocking over cups and other items sitting on the table.
  9. Bring a portable speaker to play music.
  10. Show team spirit by decorating your area with your team’s colors and banner.

We hope these tailgating tips from Houska Automotive hope you enjoy the game!

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