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5 Spring Cleaning Tips for your Car

Well, it’s finally starting to feel like spring here in northern Colorado! If you’re tired of cleaning out your closet, here are some easy things you can do to spring clean your car.

Polish those Headlights

Polishing your headlights can make a big difference in your nighttime visibility! All you’ll need is a polishing cloth, a polishing compound and some sandpaper (these items can also be purchased in a headlight restoration kit).

First, wash the light with warm soapy water. Rinse thoroughly and then dry. Soak sandpaper in water (between 1,000 and 1,500 grit and work up to 2,500 as needed) and then sand the lights in one direction. Rinse and change direction. Wet one corner of the cloth with polishing compound and polish the headlight in a circular motion until it becomes clear. Allow it to dry before using the dry corner to remove any residue. Repeat until your lens is clear!

Remove Pet Hair

If vacuuming just isn’t doing the trick, sometimes it’s helpful to use water and a squeegee! Lightly spray water with a spray bottle onto the upholstery to dampen the hair. Then wipe off with the squeegee. The pet hair will clump together, making it easier to vacuum up.

Brush out the Air Vents

Nothing is more annoying than having a beautifully cleaned car, only to see those lines of dust gathered on your air vents that just can’t quite be reached. To remove them, use a small artist’s paintbrush or foam brush to help lift the dust as you vacuum. For dust that’s really stuck on there, try using a small amount of furniture polish on the brush to clean it out.

Bonus Tip: Do this before vacuuming or cleaning the rest of the interior so that the dust doesn’t settle somewhere else in your car!

Clean Wiper Blades

If your windshield wipers leave streaks instead of wiping away those spring showers, they may need to be cleaned. A solution of one-fourth cup ammonia to one quart cold water should help. Gently lift the blades and wipe them with a paper towel soaked in the solution. Then dry your wipers with a clean cloth.

Stinky car?

It may be time to change the air filter! Your owner’s manual will tell you what type of filter to get. Pick up a new air freshener next time you’re at the grocery store to have your car smelling like spring!

There you go! It shouldn’t take long before your car begins to feel fresh and clean!

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