We may have gotten spoiled with the occasional 60 degree day so far this winter, but this week we’re all freezing our tailpipes off. Don’t let the frigid weather get you down, and instead, try one of these cold weather driving hacks to get you through the next blizzard.

1. Place Socks Over Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers won’t do you any good if they’re frozen to the windshield. Prevent this icy situation by covering each wiper with an old sock. If you park outside overnight or if a snowstorm hits while you’re at work for the day, you won’t have to risk breaking the wipers when deicing them.

2. Cover Sideview Mirrors with Ziploc Bags

Save your sideview mirrors in a similar fashion. Before the temperatures drop, place plastic ziploc bags over your sideview mirrors. Using an ice scraper on the mirrors can be difficult and could also damage the mirror angle. Keeping them ice-free prevents this!

3. Spray Car Door Edges with Cooking Spray

Nothing is worse than when you want to escape the blizzard, but your car doors just won’t budge. As it turns out, you can prevent car doors from sticking the same way you can prevent brownies from sticking to the pan: cooking spray. Spray the rubber edging of the car doors with cooking oil to help them open more easily once the temperatures drop.

4. Gain Traction with Cardboard

When snow drifts hit, you can bet your tires will spin in place while you try in vain to get moving. Help your tires gain some traction by sliding slabs of cardboard underneath them. If that doesn’t work, try kitty litter to build friction.

5. Unfreeze Car Locks with Hand Sanitizer

Car locks can freeze just as easily as car doors. To avoid damaging your lock or your key, try squirting a small amount of hand sanitizer in the key lock to thaw it out. Be careful to not get any on the paint!

6. Use a Credit Card to Thaw the Windshield

And finally, when you’re in a pinch but you don’t have an ice scraper, a credit card makes for a great substitute!

Drive safe during this cold weather, and stop by Houska to make sure your vehicle is in working condition.

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