Common Driving Emergencies at Houska Automotive


Even in the friendly town of Fort Collins, we know that the road can get pretty crazy from time to time. Our number one priority at Houska is for you to stay safe out there, so we’d like to share a few ways you can be prepared for some common driving emergencies.


Avoid rear-ending the car in front of you.

The best way to prepare for a driving emergency is to do all you can to prevent one. Rear-ending the vehicle in front of you is an all too common mistake, but this can be easily avoided by leaving plenty of distance between your car and theirs. This is especially important during stop-and-go city driving or when weather conditions aren’t the best.


Handling a tire blowout.

The sudden noise of a tire blowout alone can send you into panic mode. Rather than slam on the brakes and take a quick turn, slowly ease up on the gas pedal and let it coast. Gently pull onto the shoulder until your car comes to a stop and you can change the tire.


Driving off the road.

We hope this never happens to you, but if you ever find that your vehicle is running off the road, stay calm and follow these instructions. Let up off the accelerator, keep the steering wheel straight, allow your car to slow up on its own and then smoothly steer back onto the road.


Your car stalls.

Frustrating as it is, this happens to many people at some point. If you find that your engine has stalled, don’t panic. Put your flashers on so other drivers know to go around you, and try to first restart the engine (sometimes this works!). If it just won’t start up, call a tow truck and bring it to Houska. We’ll be able to get you back on the road in no time.


Driving emergencies happen, but the key is to be prepared and remain calm. Stay safe, Fort Collins!

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