Vehicle Air Conditioning In Fort Collins, CO

Sit back, chill out, and let’s learn about your vehicle’s air conditioning!

Summertime is quickly approaching, and the sizzling heat is bound to make you turn up the air conditioning in your vehicle. Back in the old days, cars were made without factoryinstalled air conditioning units, but today, more than 99% of cars have air conditioning in them! Are you wanting to know more about how the air conditioning actually works in your car, and when to get it serviced? If so, read on, we’ve got you covered.  

How does the air conditioning unit in your car work? 

When your legs stick to the seat because of the heat, and sweat is dripping down your back, there is nothing you relish more than the cool blast of your car’s air conditioning. The cold air generated by your AC system is actually hot air with hot gases removed during a multi-step process. It really is a science. When you turn the AC on in your car, the compressor compresses the refrigerant, which in turn raises the temperature. Your car actually takes the heat and moisture out of the air that is already in your car, leaving behind cooler air. It then flows into the expansion valve, or orifice tube, where it is restricted and becomes gaseous into the low-pressure side of the AC system. The ventilation system’s blower motor blows air over the cold evaporator and pushes cool air into the passenger compartment, creating that long-lasting chill that you crave on a hot summer’s day.  

My AC unit is acting up, should I get it serviced? 

Is the AC not blowing cool enough air, it taking too long for it to function properly, or just blowing out hot air? While fixing some of these problems can be done at home, the slightest misstep and you could cause a lot of damage to your car. Rather than risk ruining your car, bring it in to your friendly neighborhood mechanics over at Houska Automotive.  

AC units are a luxury we have in our vehicles, and they typically don’t require too much maintenance. With summer approaching make sure your AC unit is ready to cool you down on those hot summer drives! If you have any questions, we’re happy to help you out here at Houska Automotive.  

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