Oil change occurring on a car

An Oil Change – Is it really that important?

Change of season – Change your oil, saving money on gas with synthetic oil changes.

Many may not understand the importance of an oil change. Like blood to your body, oil is the blood to your car. Dirty, low, or no oil in the car’s system can seize up the engine, shutting down the car and commonly causing unrepairable damage. We want to stress how crucial it is to check your oil and keep track of when your oil needs to be changed so you don’t become a victim of an engine casualty.

There are lots of questions that arise regarding the service of an oil change. When is an oil change necessary? Why is synthetic oil so important for your car’s health? How much does an oil change cost? If these questions are unclear to you, you’re in the right place!

Imagine your car was a person, yes, we hope you name your car. Here at Houska automotive, we want the best for your car’s health and that’s why we are going to answer these questions with a fine tune-up (instead of a fine-tooth brush).

An oil change is recommended when: Every car is different, the make, the year, the amount and distance it’s driven, and how aggressiveness the vehicle is being used. The standard recommendation for an oil change service when using conventional oil is 3,000 – 5,000 miles. When using synthetic oil, the service time ranges from 5,000 – 7,000 miles driven. Of course, if the car has some years and miles on er’ then we would suggest aiming for that 5,000 marks. If the car is somewhat new and its use is for long freeway travel at consistent engine functions, then it’s all good under the hood to push your ride up to 7,000 miles. Oil should be changed more often in vehicles that are primarily used for around-town traffic, short trips, or excessive idling.

Type of oil we recommend for your car: For years now, cars have been using artificially made oil called synthetic oil. Decades ago, this type of lubrication was mainly used in high-performance vehicles and jets but now has been commonly put in your everyday car. The benefits of synthetic oil are, the oil flows easier through the engine improving the car’s fuel efficiency, resisting oil breakdown which makes the oil last longer, withstanding high temperature helping the life longevity of the engine, and flowing in cold temperatures reducing wear when the car starts up during these cold winters.

Oil change cost: There is not much variance in the amount an oil change will cost. The only factors that may change the price of this service are the types of oil; conventional or synthetic, and how many quarts of oil the vehicle’s engine holds. Our repair shop offers a standard oil change for $42.99 and a synthetic oil change for $73.99. It is common that a synthetic oil change is close to double the price in that your car receives an incredible return in its engine’s performance. Since an oil change is typically couple times of a year occurrence, we have developed a program offering, “get 3 oil changes on the 4th one is on us.” This is a great offer to take advantage of as you will see we are a friendly place to help with any assistance and create a relationship as your go-to auto shop.

An oil change is the most important service a car needs to be running healthy and happy. Make sure you consider the year and type of car you have when understanding how frequently the oil needs to be changed. Using synthetic oil for your car will benefit the fuel efficiency, make the engine last longer, and will less often require an oil change. Although a synthetic oil change may be pricier, the great benefits make up for the divided cost.

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