Bring your Electric Vehicle to Houska Automotive

Electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular! Electric vehicles represented nearly 6% of all vehicle sales in the US in 2022 – while this may not seem like a large number, it is actually a 65% increase over the number of electric vehicle sales in 2021! Data shows that by the year 2030, electric vehicles could account for nearly half of new vehicles sold each year.

Our team has certainly noticed an increase in the number of hybrid and electric vehicles we’ve seen driving around town. Did you know that Houska Automotive offers a wide range of services specifically for hybrid and electric vehicles? That’s right! If you’re the proud owner of a Tesla, hybrid, or electric vehicle, you don’t have to go far to find quality, honest service for your ride.

One amazing thing about hybrid and electric vehicles is that their parts often require less maintenance than conventional vehicles. However, this does not mean that hybrid and electric vehicles never need servicing. Just like any other vehicle, it is important to stay up-to-date on recommended maintenance schedules for your particular vehicle. Many hybrids and electric vehicle manufacturers recommend twice-per-year service checks, in order to ensure that the vehicle’s systems and tires are in proper working order. Houska Automotive proudly offers maintenance and inspection services for all makes and models of vehicles–even hybrid and electric vehicles.

In addition to this, many electric vehicles require special tires designed for optimum efficiency, handling, and noise reduction. Tires made especially for electric vehicles have unique components and design traits, all of which support the unique characteristics of electric vehicles. For example, electric vehicles tend to weigh more than traditional vehicles, in part due to heavy batteries. Tires made specifically for electric vehicles are engineered to be robust and highly structured, in order to support the weight of the vehicle.

Because of these unique characteristics of electric vehicle tires, it is recommended to align and rotate your vehicle’s tires regularly to ensure even wear. Houska Automotive has a team of tire experts, who are on call to answer any questions you may have about when to rotate your vehicle’s tires. In addition to this, when it comes time to replace your electric vehicle’s tires, we have the tools to do so in an efficient and timely manner.

Houska Automotive has the expertise and resources needed to ensure that your hybrid or electric vehicle can serve you for years to come. If you’re in need of vehicle maintenance, tire rotation or tire replacement, Houska Automotive has an experienced and knowledgeable team to service your vehicle. Give us a call at 970.821.8654 to make an appointment today!

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