family road trip prep

Family Road Trip Prep

Ensuring Your Vehicle is Vacation-Ready

Ah, the family road trip. It’s a tradition filled with laughter, snacks, and the occasional “Are we there yet?” coming from the back seat. As you gear up for your next adventure together, make sure your vehicle is ready for vacation too! Here are a few things to do before embarking on the open road.

Make a Date with a Mechanic

Before you even think about loading the suitcases and snacks, make sure to have one of our technicians give your vehicle a once-over. Get oil levels checked, brakes inspected and tires inflated to ensure a smooth and safe ride.

Clear Out the Clutter

From empty coffee cups to abandoned toys, it’s amazing how quickly a vehicle accumulates clutter. Clear out cup holders, glove compartments and check under the seats. A clean vehicle makes for a more comfortable ride, and your sanity will thank you when you don’t need to push unnecessary junk around when looking for something important.

Prepare for an Emergency

Life happens on the road, and it’s not always pretty. Pack an emergency kit, plus items like a spare tire, jack, jumper cables, and anything else that might save the day in a pinch. If you’re really in a jam, contact one of our automotive friends around the nation for assistance. Mention that you’re a friend of Houska Automotive!

Keep the Troops Happy

Let’s face it—hours on the road can turn even the most angelic children into pint-sized versions of Godzilla. To avoid a backseat uprising, make sure to have entertainment options at the ready. Tablets loaded with movies, books, games, and, of course, snacks. A well-timed snack can work wonders in defusing a potential meltdown.

Dust Off the Map

It might be a while since you’ve used a map, but it’s always a good idea to have one in case the GPS decides to take a vacation of its own. It’ll also be fun to show the kids the road you’re taking and mark off some major landmarks or pitstops you’ll be making along the way.

No matter where your adventure takes you, preparation is key. Make time to come in to see us. At Houska Automotive we love to get our hands greasy to help you travel safely and comfortably. Making sure you trust your vehicle on the roads is our number one priority.

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