The Future is EV

The Future is Electric: How EVs are Changing the Automotive Landscape

Remember when electric vehicles (EVs) were seen as something out of a sci-fi movie? Fast forward to today, and they’re cruising down our streets like it’s nobody’s business. With concerns about climate change and a desire for cleaner transportation options, electric vehicles are becoming more mainstream than ever before. Now, what does this mean for the automotive industry? Well, let’s just say there’s good and bad about how EVs are changing automotive landscape.

Less Parts

Electric vehicles are all about streamlined design and fewer components. The good thing is there are less parts to repair, but that also means auto parts sales are going down. Auto parts manufacturers will need to adapt by looking to produce parts specific to electric vehicles. This includes batteries, electric motors, on-board chargers and other components.


It’s All about the Battery

Manufacturing electric vehicles is very different than it is for traditional gasoline vehicles. There isn’t a complex combustion engine, exhaust, or lots of moving parts. Instead, the focus is on the battery. A new manufacturing process has had to be introduced, with an effort to accommodate and protect the battery.


Updated Tooling & Training

New manufacturing processes also means teams need the necessary equipment and skills to work on electric vehicles. Specialized tooling is essential to accommodate the intricate components of EVs. This encompasses everything from robotic assembly lines to precision welding equipment used in EV construction. Training helps workers be proficient in handling electric components, battery installation, and troubleshooting complex electrical systems. It also plays a crucial role in ensuring efficiency and safety on the assembly floor.


Charging Infrastructure

It’s not just about the vehicles themselves; it’s also about the infrastructure needed to support them. As the number of electric vehicles continues to grow, so does the demand for charging stations. This creates a whole new market for auto parts manufacturers to tap into, from producing charging cables to developing smart grid technology.


The electric shock to how EVs are changing automotive landscape is real, but it’s also full of promise and potential. It’s bringing us toward a greener, more sustainable future so let’s buckle up and enjoy the journey! The Houska Automotive team includes EV experts, specializing in Teslas. So, if you have questions about EV services, come on in to see us on Riverside Drive in Fort Collins.

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