Wheel Alignment in Fort Collins, CO

It Might be Time for a Wheel Alignment

Most people are very good about getting their vehicle’s oil changed frequently, washing their car or truck, and keeping the tires filled. However, most vehicle owners don’t think too much about making a wheel alignment part of their maintenance plan until one of these things happens:

  1. Steering wheel trembles as they are driving
  2. Car seems to veer to one side
  3. Tires are wearing out unevenly
  4. Tires squeal as they are driving

It is generally recommended to get a wheel alignment after every 10,000 miles, but if you’re experiencing any one of those symptoms, it’s probably time to come in. Your wheels’ alignment may have been damaged from hitting a pothole or a curb. Even consistently driving over speed bumps can knock off your wheel alignment. Whatever the cause, it’s best to get it looked at to prevent any safety or performance issues.

Despite what it sounds like, a tire alignment isn’t an adjustment of the tires themselves, but an adjustment of a vehicle’s suspension. The suspension is what connects the vehicle to its wheels. When you come in, your vehicle will be placed on an alignment machine. During the alignment process, the angles of the wheels are adjusted back to the specifications of the vehicle manufacturer. When you get your vehicle back, the drive should be smoother, without any unusual noises or trembling.

Our technicians are here to answer any questions you might have about wheel alignments. They can also help you come up with a maintenance plan to keep you safe on the road. Give us a call at 970-482-0156.

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