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Back-to-School Tips for Teen Drivers

Back to school looks a lot different for most people this year. Some kids are fully remote, some are back in person part time, and some have gone back to school in person full time.  Whatever your specific case may be, the start of school always seems to bring more people out on the roads, causing more congestion and potential hazards.


If you have a teenager driving to school, make sure to review the rules of the road and these tips to keep everyone safe. It’s more important than ever to slow down and pay attention when kids are behind and around the wheel!

  • Get an Early Start: Arrive at school early to prevent rushing into the parking lot, alleviating any pressure to get to first period on time. The extra time will help avoid hurried and frustrating situations that often lead to accidents.
  • Avoid Distractions: Do not text, eat or attempt to do anything like put on make-up while driving. Taking attention off the road for even a minute can be dangerous.
  • Pull Over: If it’s necessary to use a cell phone, pull over and safely park before doing so.
  • Yield to Pedestrians: Yield to pedestrians using the crosswalk or intersection. Look out for students coming out of parked cars and not paying attention to their surroundings. Kids walking while wearing ear buds or talking on a cell phone pose a risky situation, too.
  • Wait for the School Bus: If driving behind a school bus, make sure to allow significant distance behind the bus. Stop when its red lights are flashing, and its stop sign is extended. Do not attempt to go around the bus, and do not proceed until the bus moves forward.
  • Hold the Horn: Don’t honk the horn at a friend for fun. It can be distracting and confusing to other drivers.
  • Be Aware of Bicyclists: Watch for bike riders coming out of driveways and off sidewalks.
  • Slow Down: Be aware of reduced speed zones during school hours.

Be safe and have a great school year!

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