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New Year’s Resolutions for You and Your Vehicle

You may make resolutions for yourself at the beginning of the year. Some of those resolutions may have a lot to do with well being and keeping organized. If you use your vehicle every day (which we’re suspecting you do!) why not include a few new year’s resolutions that will help keep your vehicle in good shape throughout the year? After all, isn’t your vehicle an extension of yourself? At Houska Automotive, we have a few considerations going into 2020.

Get Organized: Make sure to have a file on each of your household vehicles. Each file should include all repair and maintenance papers, purchase receipts, insurance statements, registration papers, etc.

Make Time for Interior Cleaning: We are usually good about cleaning the exterior of our vehicles, but what about the interiors? Resolve to make time to clean out garbage, polish the dashboard, remove upholstery stains, etc. on a regular basis.

Put a Schedule Together: We can help you put together a maintenance schedule to properly maintain your vehicle throughout the year. Oil changes and inspections will keep your vehicle in optimum condition. Set calendar reminders on your phone so you don’t forget appointments. Keeping up with maintenance visits will prove beneficial and cost-effective in the long run.

Learn How to Change a Tire: Yes, you can call roadside assistance, but what if your cell phone dies or you never actually signed up for AAA? Changing a tire is a good skill to have and one every driver should possess. Learning is as easy as looking up a YouTube video.

Eliminate Distractions: There are so many things that distract us while driving. Texting is an obvious one, but even checking the GPS, changing music, and eating are big culprits when it comes to distracting us on the road. In the New Year, be safe on the road by eliminating any potential distractions.

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