Oil change

Oil Change 101

Why It’s Crucial for Your Engine’s Well-Being


An oil change is as crucial for your car as coffee is for Monday mornings. An oil change should always be a part of your vehicle’s routine to ensure your vehicle stays purring like a content cat and doesn’t turn into a grumpy, growling beast on the road. (Kind of what happens to people when they don’t have their coffee!) Here are just some of the reasons keeping up with regular oil changes is important to your vehicle’s wellness.

Clean Body

Regular oil changes keep contaminants and debris at bay. Dirty oil is like junk food for your engine, clogging up the works and slowing down performance. A clean engine is a happy engine – and one that’s less likely to send you on an expensive trip to the mechanic.

Fuel Efficiency

We all love a good road trip, but not when it’s interrupted by constant fuel stops. Clean oil helps your engine run more efficiently, giving you more miles per gallon and extending the time between pit stops. It’s the key to enjoying your full road trip playlist rather than having to keep hitting pause to stop to fill up.

Peaceful Silence

Nobody likes a noisy neighbor, especially one that resides under your hood. Old, worn-out oil can’t stifle the sounds of your engine’s moving parts, resulting in a cacophony of clanks and clunks as you’re driving. A regular oil change keeps your engine quiet, giving you a more peaceful ride on the road.


Scheduling regular oil changes is important to maintaining your vehicle. It’s giving your vehicle love, and in return you’ll get smoother rides, better efficiency, and a quieter, happier engine. So, bring your vehicle in to get oil serviceContact us to make an appointment.

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