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How to Maintain Your Commercial Vehicle

Keeping your Business on the Move with Regular Check-Ins

Your commercial vehicle is like a rolling ambassador for your business so it’s important for it to look good and perform well. It’s also one of your biggest business investments. So, whether you’re hauling goods, making deliveries, or just out there cruising, keeping your wheels turning and in good condition contributes to business success. 

The Importance of Checking in on Your Commercial Vehicle

Make sure you’re getting the most out of your vehicles. Routine check-ins can catch small issues before they become major problems, preventing unexpected breakdowns, and minimizing downtime. Regular check-ins help ensure that your vehicle is running safely on the road and the engine is running optimally, saving you money on fuel costs and repairs in the long run. 

What to check and do:

  • The Basics. Just like a doctor’s visit, your vehicle needs a regular health check-up too. From tire pressure to engine fluids, give your vehicle a complete once-over.
  • Oil Change: Regular oil changes keep the engine humming, and helps your vehicle run the most efficient gas mileage.
  • Tires: Your tires are the connection between your business and the road–literally. Rotate them, keep them properly inflated, and replace them when needed. Houska Automotive specializes in providing affordable and professional commercial tire services.
  • Lights: Regularly check your headlights, brake lights, and turn signals to ensure your fleet shines bright on the road. It’ll keep you and those around you safe.
  • Inspections for Uber and Lyft Drivers: For an Uber or Lyft driver, most business is dependent on your reputation. Passengers need to know that when they get into your vehicle, they’ll get a safe and reliable ride. Inspections will give you and your passengers peace of mind. 
  • Paperwork: Beyond the physical checks, don’t forget the paperwork. Keep track of maintenance records, registrations, and insurance. 

Houska Automotive can help with keeping your commercial vehicle in top shape. As a driver of a commercial vehicle, you’re putting on many more miles than the average person so extra attention is needed. Contact us to get your commercial vehicle checked out.


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