Protecting Your Vehicle from Spring Weather Hazards

April Showers Aren’t Just About May Flowers

Protecting Your Vehicle from Spring Weather Hazards


April is famous for bringing on some nasty wet weather. Add in other notorious signs of spring, like heavy pollen and bird bombs, and April becomes your vehicle’s enemy. There are some things you can do to help you and your vehicle deal with spring’s shenanigans, aka spring weather hazards.


Hail No!

April is the start of hail season here in Colorado.  It’s hard to keep your vehicle from looking like a pockmarked canvas if you don’t have a garage. Keep furniture blankets on hand to throw over your vehicle before the hail starts. Your vehicle’s floor mats can also be used to protect the windshield in a pinch.


Bomb Diffuser

Nature’s friends have a way of leaving their mark on our vehicles. Unfortunately, bird droppings can really damage a vehicle’s exterior. It’s important to remove them ASAP. You can de-poop your vehicle with a microfiber cloth soaked with a vehicle-safe cleaning solution. If it’s fresh, seltzer water may work, too. Stock up on some cleaning items so you can treat any spots right away.

Pollen Rinse

A lot of the pollen swirling in the spring air often lands on our vehicles. The pollen itself isn’t a risk to the exterior. But, cleaning it off can be if not done right. Trying to wipe off dry pollen can result in scratching. The safest way to clean pollen off your vehicle is by going to the car wash. Let the automatic soaps and rinses do the work safely for you.


Close Openings

Rain can do damage if it gets into your interior. Seal any openings to prevent water from getting in. Make sure to replace any part of the doors’ rubber linings if they are dried or cracked.


The weather is unpredictable–especially in the spring. With some essentials at the ready you can prevent damage from spring weather hazards from happening to your vehicle. If the spring weather does get to it, come on in to see us.

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