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Valentine’s Day Tips to Pamper Your Vehicle

Show your vehicle some love on Valentine’s Day


Ah, Valentine’s Day – the time when love is in the air, and cheesy romantic gestures are all around. While most people are busy planning candlelit dinners and picking out the perfect bouquet, let’s not forget about a significant companion that’s always been there for you, rain or shine (literally!) – your four-wheeled sweetheart. This Valentine’s Day, why not show your trusty vehicle some love? Here are some tips to pamper your vehicle.


Bubble Bath: 

Start the day off right with a little bubbly action. Give your vehicle a nice sudsy wash. Make it a real spa day with a wax or even a detailing session for a stellar look and finish.

Fuel for Love: 

Show your vehicle that you care about its inner beauty too! Fill up the tank with some high-quality gasoline. Premium gas can improve fuel efficiency, potentially improving gas mileage while decreasing emissions. 

Get Her Perfume: 

Chances are your vehicle’s interior is smelling a bit musty from being so closed up over the winter. Upgrade your standard pine-scented air freshener to a nicer fragrance. It’ll be a nicer welcome for you every time you open the car door. 

Go on a Romantic Getaway: 

What’s good for your vehicle can be good for you too! Hit the open road to get away a bit. Whether it’s a scenic drive in Colorado or a weekend road trip, enjoy the journey. Long distance driving can clear your vehicle’s engine – as well as your mind. 

Buy Her New Jewelry and Accessories: 

Some shiny new silver in the form of new rims or accessories, like new speakers, will upgrade your vehicle’s look and sound! 

Take Some Memory Shots: 

Especially if you own a classic vehicle you love, or a real contemporary machine, like an EV, you might want to consider taking some glamour shots of you and your vehicle. Okay, maybe your partner or family can join in too. Pick a location and have some fun with it!


Houska Automotive can help show your vehicle some extra TLC this Valentine’s Day with maintenance service and repairs. Maybe we’ll even throw in some chocolates!  Give us a call at 970-482-0307. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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