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Tips to Survive Winter Roads with a Smile

Are you ready to conquer the roads this upcoming season?


Winter in Colorado is a beautiful season. The picturesque landscape is like a postcard brought to life. But let’s not forget that winter also comes with treacherous roads, slippery streets, and icy windshields. Here are some tips to help you not only survive but also enjoy winter driving. Buckle up (literally), and let’s dive in!

Swap To Snow Tires:

Winter tires are your car’s seasonal staple. They’re like the trusty winter boots that save you from embarrassing falls in the slush. Skidding isn’t a good look, so make sure to prep your vehicle with reliable seasonal tires.

De-Ice, Ice Baby:

Does your windshield turn into an impenetrable fortress of ice by morning? Use a credit card, hairdryer, or, for the truly avant-garde, a flamethrower (just kidding on that last one!). A mix of table salt in a spray bottle filled with water will work, too.

Channel Your Inner Figure Skater:

When you hit a slippery patch, step off the accelerator. Avoid sudden moves or braking. Instead, just glide with it, steering where you want to go until you’ve fully regained control.

Clear Snow Off Your Vehicle:

Imagine you’re driving behind a vehicle, and you suddenly find yourself in the midst of snow swirls coming off it. The snow coming off a vehicle can block your vision. Don’t be that person! Clean the snow off your vehicle so you can see where you’re going and so others can, too.

Give Your Vehicle a Winter Wash:

It’s essential to give your vehicle a thorough wash throughout the winter to prevent salt and sand build-up. Also, be sure to keep windshields clean for optimum visibility. Test them to see if they need to be changed.

Pack Your Glove Compartment for the Season:

We’ve all had that moment when we don’t have gloves, and the steering wheel is colder than a snowman’s heart. Stock your glove compartment with winter essentials like gloves, hand moisturizer, and lip balm so they are at arm’s reach. Then, stock your trunk with a flashlight, blanket, and snack in case you get stuck and need to wait until help arrives.

Winter driving doesn’t have to be daunting. Driving in Colorado should always be a beautiful adventure – even in the winter. Preparation and maintenance are key. Give Houska Automotive a call at 970-821-8654 for more tips or to schedule an appointment to help winterize your vehicle.

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