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Stop! Here is everything you need to know about Brake Pads

Have you ever been driving down the road, listening to your favorite song for the fifth time, and suddenly, a squirrel runs out in front of your car, leading you to slam on your brakes? You stop immediately, and the little guy is safe and sound. This lucky moment thankfully happened with the help of your brake pads.  

Brake pads are crucial to your car’s braking system. They are what contacts and applies pressure and friction to your vehicle’s brake rotors. This allows your vehicle to slow down and come to a safe stop. It is essential to replace your brake pads as there is constant stress on them. It is recommended to get your brake pads checked with every tire rotation  the last thing you want is to replace your pads too late.  

Not all brake pads are created equal with multiple materials on the marketWe’ve done the research about each option of brake pad to help ensure you are knowledgeable about what you want, and what is best for your vehicle!  

 Organic Brake Pads  

Back in the day, brake pads were originally made with asbestos. The asbestos was useful because it could withstand heat and friction, but it then became known that asbestos was dangerous to breathe in. Organic brake pads are made with natural materials, along with Kevlar. These are a great option because they don’t pollute the environment, and they are easy to dispose of when you need new ones. One thing to keep in mind about organic pads is they tend to wear down faster. They are recommended for smaller cars and should be avoided if you are looking for an option for a larger vehicle, like a truck.  

 Ceramic Brake Pads 

Ceramic brake pads boast many redeeming qualities. They don’t wear out quickly, offer great performance, and are lightweight. With that, ceramic brake pads are also on the pricier side. They are typically recommended for fastdriving sports cars.  

 Metallic Brake Pads 

Metallic brake pads are the most commonly found pads on the road today. They are made from iron, copper, steel, and graphite. Metallic pads are very costeffective as well as durable, so it is a win-win option for most drivers and their vehicles.  

 Brake pads are important to your car, your safety, and the safety of other people on the road! Get them checked out during your tire rotation, if you notice your brakes are working a bit differently than normal, or if a brake light sensor in your car goes off! It is also a good idea to ask for original equipment pads when you are getting them replaced. At Houska Automotive, we are here to help you replace and find the best brakes for your vehicle! 

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