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Houska Presents Car to Project Self-Sufficiency Participant at Lagoon Concert

Every year, Houska loves to partner with Project Self-Sufficiency and the Lagoon Summer Concert Series to make a difference in the life of a hard-working single mother. On Wednesday, Aug. 1, we had the privilege of presenting Yaricza Serrano a car to assist her on her self-sufficient path.

During the intermission of the Lagoon concert, Yaricza and her three year old son were presented with a 2006 Mazda 3 sedan. Yaricza had entered the Project Self-Sufficiency Program while already enrolled at CSU. Being a single mom has its challenges, but she finished her degree and graduated in May with her Bachelor’s Degree, working now in her career field as a case manager in a social work setting. She now hopes to continue her education and earn her Master’s Degree in Social Work in the near future.

If you aren’t already familiar with Project Self-Sufficiency, it is one of our favorite nonprofits in town that does incredible work to help put single parents on the road to success. Through its many programs, this fabulous organization helps single parents find affordable housing, accomplish education goals, attain stable careers, drive reliable vehicles and overcome many obstacles they face so that they can provide safe and comfortable lives for their children.

We are so thrilled to have an ongoing partnership with Project Self-Sufficiency, and we hope that our contribution will help Yaricza and her son make their dreams a reality!

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