Info New Teen Drivers Should Know

Everyone remembers their first time getting behind the wheel. It can be scary and intimidating, but with preparation and practice, new teen drivers will feel confident in no time.

To help, we’ve compiled a list of helpful tips every new teen driver should know, so they can just focus on safely getting where they need to go.

Never Drive Distracted

While this may seem obvious, the temptation for teens to quickly check their phones or make a call can be strong. But driving distracted puts not just the driver at risk, but also everyone else on the road. Put the phone on silent and focus on the road. Everyone is safer because of it

Drivers should always carry their driver license, registration, and insurance with them while driving

If anything does go wrong, these are the documents you need. Teens, keep your license with you at all times in your wallet and store your up-to-date registration and insurance in the glove box.

Don’t skip maintenance services

New drivers, and especially new vehicle owners, should read the vehicle’s owner’s manual. They can find out when the vehicle’s recommended maintenance services should be scheduled. These are important to keep the vehicle in good condition for a long time. By doing this they can help avoid breakdowns and costly repairs.

Check your tire pressure

Be sure your tires have the correct pressure. Those that don’t wear down more quickly or unevenly. Incorrect tire pressure can also lead to lower gas mileage. Therefore, check your tire pressure regularly. It’s the best way to ensure that the vehicle’s tires are rolling correctly, working properly and giving you every mile for your gas dollar. 

Treat your vehicle well

A vehicle is not indestructible. Vehicle owners should treat it well and be cautious how they drive it. Clean the inside and outside regularly to help the vehicle last longer and look better. If it’s their vehicle, they should take pride in driving it. 

Be prepared for the weather 

There will be times when new teen drivers have to drive in nasty weather. They need to make sure they are ready and their vehicle is prepared. A scraper or brush is imperative for snow, and the teen must check that the wipers run well at all speeds to prepare for rain. In hail, try to park under a covered area to minimize damage. Preparation and knowledge on how to treat a vehicle in different weather is important to help new drivers and their vehicles remain safe. 

If you’re a new driver and unsure of how to care for your vehicle, bring it into Houska Automotive. We will get you set! You can conveniently schedule an appointment online or call us at 970-821- 8652. And to any new drivers out there: be cautious and practice, you got this!

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